Cangrejo Rojo in Puerto Natales

Remembering the 2week tour in Patagonia, Cangrejo Rojo belongs to one of the best seafood restaurants we visited in Chile. Fine taste, not so expensive, cozy atmosphere, creative decorations and lovely staff.

We tried to visit it on Monday, but it was closed. We food lovers tried again on Tuesday and finally made it. According to an old picture we found online, the restaurant used to be painted in lovely blue. But it was repainted in red. It is near a main road crossing where some wild dogs are fighting all the time. Quite noisy. It is located a little bit outside of the town, therefore mostly visited by locals. Somehow it is a good sign, right? 😉

[Adress] 12,, Avenida Santiago Bueras 782, Puerto Natales, Natales, Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, Chile

[Don’t] go on mondays.





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