The Site

“At least you should”

Life is about trying and experiencing new things. It is about getting out of your comfort zone. It’s about failing, but never stopping to learn, grow and change.

“Don’t live the same year 75 times in a row and call it a life.” (R. Sharma)

Seeing new places, trying new things, and meeting new people is a huge part of really living. So we try to get out, see as many places as we can, and learn something new every year. This blog focusses only on the essentials. The location, the sites, beautiful photo spots, great food, exciting activities, and the do’s / dont’s that are important to have a good time.

These are not complete travel guides. But free time is limited. The idea is to optimize and get the most out of a location, without rushing, missing out, or turning a holiday into work.

And we want to do so without spending a fortune, so it’s not about luxury vacations either. 😉


The People
Two thirtysomethings trying to see and do as much as as we can. All trip experiences are our own and not sponsored, organized, or managed by anyone except ourselvevs.

We love photography, travel, food, and trying new things. We use this to document the memories of our trips around the world and the things we did.