Trip Preparation and Gearing Up for Great Travel Adventures

As I am busy preparing for my next trip, I realized it might be worthwhile to share what I pack for my travels and how. And also how I prepare for trips, and which apps or tools I use. My travel focus is minimalistic, lightweight, practical, no redundancies, no checked luggage. I also do not … More Trip Preparation and Gearing Up for Great Travel Adventures

5 Days in QuĂ©bec

I have been to several regions of Canada during my travels. Vancouver and British Columbia, Banff and Jasper national park, Nova Scotia, Ontario. But Franco-Canada, and especially the beautiful city of MontrĂ©al, was still missing on my list. The friendly QuĂ©bĂ©cois with their unique and European culture, the amazing food, the fascinating architecture, and the modern … More 5 Days in QuĂ©bec

Iceland in a week

Nothing in all my travels has impressed me more than the wild landscapes of Iceland. The land of sagas, trolls, and fairies. The place to eat dried fish, see active volcanoes, climb mangificient glaciers, jump into geysirs and hot springs, experience locations of a booming movie industry and finally see one million waterfalls. I hope … More Iceland in a week